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20 days later, Got some more plants and some more growth. Took out both amazon swords and gave them to my father as I bought him a nano planted tank for xmas.

Picking up a 24" 54w light fixture tomorrow, the Maracyn has the green slime almost gone.

Earlier today I came across what was labeled as "orange Bacopa" but cant find it on google

Once the bacteria clears up ill get close up shots, as for now, like most things, it looks better from afar.

Turns out one of the pencil fish was super agressive, never letting any other pencil fish out from a corner of a tank, quite a shame considering he was the prettiest. I had 5 didn't expect one to turn rogue, so hes caught and going back. Id like to grab a few more as they color up surprisingly, I guess its just the luck of the draw in getting an agressive one.

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