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thank you for your help i understand you a bit more now but im still confused about the calculator cuase the makers led has five rows i wanted to fill each row up and at 28"above the substrate it calculates out to have a spacing of 3" between leds for a total par of 100 am i missing something? i was wanting to use the blue/red ch's as a sunrise/sunset and the xm-l's as mid-day burst. what would make it look like a reef sunrise sunset but for plants? would the uv be good for a moonlight? i was going to use five inventronics 75w 700ma drivers and i since i want sunrise sunset i was going to get the dim4 and the 4 pot dimming module. how many blues should i have? reds? wont whites wash out the purple? what would be a good color scheme for a natural sunrise/sunset? i feel as if im asking you to build it and ima sorry if thats the case but i just ahve so many questions about led's.
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