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Seeding Sponge filter

so i got some ATI sponge filter coming in the mail on monday and want to start using it right away..

It will be used in a 20gallon long..

right now I have a canister running on it and the tank is well mature...with mosses and shrimps..

the question is, do i need to run both at the same time to seed the sponge?
I plan on selling the canister once I start using the spong..also does it matter where the sponge is place? I like it in the middle of the tank but can i put it in the corner of the tank? I order two but plan to use only one....

Don't ask me why I don't just keep the canister.....( I just don't feel it's worth it) plus I want to grow some floating plants to absorb nitrate....I can't grow floating plant with canisters at

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