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atmospheric air is 300-400 ppm CO2, Why inject CO2, instead of air?

I think I got most of my question out in the subject. If I just put an airstone on a big enough pump, why wont the CO2 stay in the water column with the 02? or will it?

Also, it seems like all surface agitation assists in the loss of injected CO2 to the atmosphere, so why do people use any other method of filtration other than canister filters since sponge and HOB filters let all the CO2 out? Does the loss of CO2 via diffusion just slow enough? Of course, that depends on the type of filter and the contact that that filter puts atmospheric gas against the tank water.

Now that I think about it, if I just took a working drop checker (which I don't have) out of a tank with, say 30pppm CO2, then the it should indicate that the concentration of CO2 increases. . and would increase with just a big air stone as I mentioned earlier.

The atmospheric ppm of CO2 is just throwing me off. .. Just google "atmospheric co2 ppm".

Now I realize it probably has everything to do with pH and kH..
thanks for your thoughts.
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