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Haha sorry it makes sense to me but probally sounds like garble to you.
Well i had a 9 month old male ( Cifa-now 10M ) with his 2 siblings i brought another baby puffer to join them and they had no problems.
Sadly though the 2 siblings died unrelatedly leaving The male ( Cifa ) & the baby who had been living together for 1 month. So I moved them to a different tank.
I brought these 4 babys into the tank about 1 week later and all was fine , Cifa was still boss. Until the tank had a nitrite spike ; about 2 week ago , and i moved all the fish to the quarantine for a few days once it stabalized i put cifa & one of the baby puffers back in to the tank for 8-9 hours to let put less pressure on the bio-load then added to others and thats when this all started.
I think i really messed this up
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