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Originally Posted by Msheresy View Post
Some cichlids? Yes. EBJD? No. The ones available now are hard to grow out unless your really up with water params, not over feeding etc (too much bad genetics cuz of inbreeding). they are prone to internal parasites until they reach a certain size. If you breed them you could get way more$ selling locally. I would never sell any of my EBJDs for $2. Heck, I would sell my bgjd for $2 either!

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Yah, EBJD even when small tend to go for $20. Although it is possible to get healthy non-deformed ones, you have to go through a hobbyist to get those nice specimens and even then they are a relatively challenging fish to keep alive up until they hit at least 3". I had one once, got it up to 6 inches in about 3 years time. I'm wanting another one though, I just need to find one that is at least semi-decent size that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg.

They are more timid than regular JD's for some reason, which is why I am going to be keeping one (if I do get one) in a planted tank with delicate stems.....just because I'm that guy who would and can :P

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