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Rilis for the ones with the red/yellow parts, the all blue ones are low grade blue rilis, sorry they won't color up any better unless you cross them with higher grade blue rilis/blue velvets...same shrimp just different names.

Red ones are Sulawesi Goldflake and will need High PH 8-8.2 and temp of 80+F to stay alive. They also require extremely clean water and substrate should be crushed coral. They are biofilm eaters and don't usually eat common shrimp food, so you need to culture algae on rocks and old sponge filters are good for biofilm.

I have raised both this type of Sulawesi and the Cardinals as well as Blue Leg Posos and can tell you these will not survive long without the above parameters. They are prone to bacterial infections, so keep them isolated in their own tank. They need very specific water parameters for them to breed. They won't breed unless the conditions are suitable for them. If you got one berried it was probably hit before you brought it home.

Good luck with both.
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