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Originally Posted by acitydweller View Post
Lol, it doesn't seem like anyone besides hedge and i have dealt with scuds before. These guys are like to cockroaches of the shrimp world. Netted and even scooped up all the gravel in a tank and still have nearly a hundred in the bare bottom tank two weeks later. I refused to do a tank teardown due to a CBS so near to term.

You all my be after the shrimp in the tank but you are playing with fire trying to net them in a scud infested tank. Adult scuds will outrun most fish so don't think that is a viable fall back plan. The only way fish could be effective is you place a betta, (plakats make proficient hunters due to their short fins) in a 2.5 gallon tank. Anything larger would give the fish a run for their money and give up. Various small cichlids may work but again the adults burrow quicker than anything so a sandy substrate would be an alternative. Just fair warning as so many people are so quick to jump on the idea of netting. Just the accidental two or three that hitchhike into you tank will provide over a hundred scuds in a few short weeks.
Good post.

To add:
Scuds will also eat certain types of mosses to the point that only little fiber twigs are left. They don't touch my fissidens nor Christmas moss but they will devour my Singapore moss.

Heck, even if I tore down this tank completely, I would probably have to buy everything brand new including gravel. Scuds are impossible to eliminate when shrimp/plants are present. The only way to get them out is to nuke the tank with something that kills inverts. I once had 10 adult swordtails in a 15 gallon tank with just ecocomplete and floating plants. Not other objects nor plants were on the bottom...just the ecocomplete. Guess what? I had to tear this tank down since the swordtails couldn't solve the scud problem. If a fish was chasing a scud, it would just bury itself in the substrate. I tore the tank down and threw out the gravel with the fish tank.

I am inclined to believe that scuds would survive a real nuclear blast. There would at least be a few survivors for sure.
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