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Originally Posted by MiniFishRoom View Post
Thanks for the comment.

I think your females probably died because you have too many males trying to mate with them. If you're able to get another female I suggest keeping just 1 male to 1 female. 2 female to 1 male is always better though.
It could also just be that they are young males and got harassed to death because the other males have already claimed their territory and there was no more territory for them to claim.

I only aquired my female Scarlet Badis by buying over 20+ pale Scarlet Badis at one time at my local fish store. Out of that whole purchase I was only able to get 2 females. That just goes to show how rare the females are in the trade.
I have 4 total now. 3 males for sure + 1 I think(hope) is a female. The two that died were def females unfortunately. Maybe I should move out two of my males.....

They are with RCS and black neons which I hate. They are stupid mindless fish with no personality.

Sorry neon lovers, I like fish that come to the front of the tank or don't go hide in the plants when I come around. It's a school of 13 but they are still dumb and I should get rid of them. Maybe I'll throw them in with my wild caught Cenote 'buho' jack dempseys.

Just kidding.

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