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Originally Posted by Msheresy View Post
I purchased all 6 at my Lfs and the two known females died. Not sure why as water parameters are perfect. Fingers crossed that a 3rd is a female and not an under developed male. They ordered more for me and got 12 stupid males.....

I see what your saying about a mated pair though. I need more females now but someone else at the store is going to the whole seller and said he would "try" to pick some out for me but I'm not sure he knows what he's looking for. :-(

Yours are very pretty, btw.

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Thanks for the comment.

I think your females probably died because you have too many males trying to mate with them. If you're able to get another female I suggest keeping just 1 male to 1 female. 2 female to 1 male is always better though.
It could also just be that they are young males and got harassed to death because the other males have already claimed their territory and there was no more territory for them to claim.

I only aquired my female Scarlet Badis by buying over 20+ "Pale" female looking Scarlet Badis at one time at my local fish store. Out of that whole purchase I was only able to get 2 females. That just goes to show how rare the females are in the trade.

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