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Originally Posted by California View Post
So this new petstore opened in my town and the guy at the shop tells me that his first choice in purchasing bred fish is the Blue Jack Demsey for $2 each. I'm assuming this is way low balling? Would you guys out there breed various Cichlids for around $2 each? Do you find it odd that a petstore's first choice in buying fish from local breeders is the Blue Jack Demsey? What do you think is the most popular fish in the hobby?
Some cichlids? Yes. EBJD? No. The ones available now are hard to grow out unless your really up with water params, not over feeding etc (too much bad genetics cuz of inbreeding). they are prone to internal parasites until they reach a certain size. If you breed them you could get way more$ selling locally. I would never sell any of my EBJDs for $2. Heck, I would sell my bgjd for $2 either!

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