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I agree with the above post. You need to be specific as to your goals ie what type of cichlids. Are you going with low light plants? Or perhaps you'd like a wider variety of some more challenging plants? CO2 plans?

(Java fern tends to be less palatable than other plants, and is undemanding.)

Once you've decided the above, then decide on your level of lighting. Check out the sticky thread in the lighting forum on PAR. You'll note that 2 rows of T5HO lights might be fine on this size tank... but you may need to suspend them in order to avoid having too much light.

You should consider checking out Catalina's website. They can incorporate moon lighting and have a number of options available (ie for example, they can put 2 rows of lights in an extra wide fixture).

Suspended lighting should be a consideration, as it makes lowering your lighting level (or raising it) that much easier. Do a search on the forum for "conduit" for some starter ideas.

Hope that helps.
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