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Originally Posted by FlyingHellFish View Post
At the time they were the most accurate reference head phones for the price range. The price was dropping and then the whole Dr.Dre beats craze shot the price back up, not sure about now. Parametric equalizer? I just thinking of a simple DAC with maybe a AKG K551 since it on sale locally for us.
I would not call the Audiotechnia M50's reference headphones at all; their sound signature is anything but flat.

You can just use software equalizer - Foobar2k has some nice add ons. I particularly like Electri-Q.

What DAC do you plan to use?

From what I can see, the K551 is just like the K550 with a microphone? I liked the K550, and was thinking of buying them, but ended up not, since the D2000 were on sale for me

Also, when I auditioned the K550, I think something was wrong with the headphones, since the bass was very weak (maybe loose cable, broken driver, who knows). The next time I went back, it was a little puzzling. The fit of the K550 is important to get good sound though.

Originally Posted by FlyingHellFish View Post
Anyways, if you do somehow end up building either a Concoa 212 or a Matheson 3810 regulator, I'll be interested.
I don't normally buy stainless regulators because they are usually expensive and rarely go on sale.

I've built several chrome plated brass ones, however.

I'm currently working on a nice dual stage Harrison for someone.


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