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"Can you grow pot in that tank?"

"Is a Blue Tetra a schooling fish? Is a Congo Tetra a schooling fish? They are? Ok, give me one of each. They will school together."

"I sent you the wrong shipping address. The shrimp will die. I want my money back."

"This is saltwater, right?"

"Wow! Look at those magnets! How they clean the glass! Wow!" - common reaction to using magnet glass cleaners in public.

"All our fish are wildcaught! Cardinals? Yes we have. They are wildcaught too." - an Asian fish exporter.

"This is BBA. It is a very bad algae. You do not want it. I can not give it to you." - me talking to a guy that wanted BBA for his tank. Minutes later I said "Here it is. Just don't tell anyone I gave that to you."
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