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I promised some photos and now is the time!

Obligatory full tank shots
Point and shoot version

dslr version

Side, feel free to ignore the splashes and equipment, I forgot to remove them

Now for some detail shots

My Hemianthus micranthemoides or glomeratus if you'd prefer
It's not getting enough light but it's still growing well and I'm not ready for CO2 yet, so I've not cranked up the light

My dwarf sagittaria field of dreams... all of these plants melted badly and I feared I would lose most of them but with only a couple exceptions they all came back and several are desperately needing a trim which is gratifying

And now for some livestock
Here are my new rainbows, Melanotaenia maccullochi
They are still a little shy and not really displaying any color but I'm sure that will change as they get used to their new home

Here is the male by himself

And a terribly reflective pair shot

Here are my Blue eye forktails, Pseudomugil furcatus

And to close out this journal entry, a few cheesecake shots of the other inhabitants

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