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Originally Posted by jhays79 View Post
The store in Chester is Adam's Pet Safari, it's my LFS. Adam knows his stuff, but can be a bit stand offish. The store is pretty jam packed and he has a lot of freshwater tanks, and a fair amount of plants for sale. His prices are very reasonable too. I just bought some jungle val from Adam's that was easily 3ft long. I got three of them for 21 bucks. Not the neatest store in the world, but it's worth a look for sure.
really you LIKE adams... i think they are WAY overpriced on anything supply related... granted he doesn't carry shrimp (and i don't have fish) ... his plants are always COVERED in snails! maybe i just go at the wrong time but he only had a few plants when i was in.

i live right down the road from there, so it's him or petsmart... I LOVE the guy who works weekday mornings - he's nice and knows his stuff.. some of the other people were like "rimless tanks? really, i'd think they'd fall apart"

i don't even know if i've met adam ... i've been in a few times but always different people and no one ever is very helpful.
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