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Dario dario questions

I'm thinking of putting some scarlet badis in my 10 gallon high tech tank that I will be setting up soon. The other inhabitants will be a school of green neon tetras. The tank will be planted densely with various Rotala species and DHG Belem.

I know that scarlet badis are known as finicky eaters. If I do get them it will be from a local store after they've had them for several weeks, so they should be weaned onto prepared foods by then. How do you guys feed yours? I feed the rest of my fish a combination of NLS and Hikari micropellets, will that be sufficient?

Should I add the badis as the first fish in the tank, or should I establish my school of green neons first? Also, how many should I get? I was thinking just 1-2 males, maybe a female or two if the store can get them in. Are they shrimp-safe?

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