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Pricing increases?

In October 2011 I ordered two items from, your US vendor. Have been happy with everything, and I visited again today to buy a few more items, but was turned away by the prices.

One of my original purchases was a PF25-UV HOB with UV, for $39.95. It now costs $54.99. Well, that's not too bad, and it is an item unique to your company.

The other was a CP-12 wavemaker, originally for $23.95. This is one of the items I intended to reorder today. But it now costs $59.99, a whopping 250% increase. I can get an original Koralia of nearly identical specs for this price, rather than a clone; or get a clone from another company for about what I originally paid for a CP-12.

I don't mean for this to be a vendor review, although it may be seen as one. Mainly, I just wanted to ask why prices have increased so much?
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