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Question Identify a Tylomelania (Sulawesi) Snail based on Description

I'm trying to identify a specific Tylomelania or Sulawesi snail that I saw for sale about a year ago (that I would like to buy now but first have to figure out what it's called).

The snail is fairly small (about 1/2" max) with a more bubbly shell than the usual conical sulwesi snail. The shell is black (or dark brown) and their flesh is dark too (ie: they don't look too pretty ). Their main appeal is as a replacement for Malaysian Trumpet Snails since they are similar sized and burrow in the gravel like MTS, however, they don't breed as quickly and they also enjoy algae a bit more than MTS. This description is based on memory so it might be a bit off, but I'm hoping this rings a bell for someone that might be able to shed some light on what snail this actually is.

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