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Originally Posted by Betta132 View Post
Alright, I'll scale back a little. How do the GBRs act around the tetras? Do they ever attack them?
Also, if I only select fish under 2" (except for the bettas and maybe GBRs) how many overall do you think would be a good number? I know 'one inch per gallon' works okay as a basic measuring stick for itty bitty fish...
I've only had my GBR for a few days. This far he's super active and hangs out with the Cory's. He doesn't bother anyone including the shrimp. Other than the GBR and Cory's not eating much, they seem happy. My PH is a little on the high side and my temps are between 72* and 75*.
I'm no expert on how heavily a tank can be stocked, but I'm sure it depends on your filtration and plant stock.

That tank really tied the room together
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