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I did the dyi co2 for a while to.did you use a bubble counter and filter?if not you can make one out of a 160z coke bottle.just fil it 3 quarter way ful with water and make 2 holes in the cap the one coming from the co2 bottle all most down about 1 inch from bottom and cut the end of the hose at a angle and the other one the hole you made put the hose a inch or two down. it should not touch the water and that end of the hose goes to your defusser or like you were using it.this is filter the co2 coming out of the co2 bottle so nothing will get to the water.make sure you silicone the 2 hoses good so thay don't leak and that should work.i used one 2 litter bottle of dyi co2 in my 20 gallon and was not enough for my 20 gallon.i would say to start out with one and add another ofter a week or so if you need it.hope this helps.good luck and hope you can make out what I am saying about the 16oz bottle make as a bubble counter and filter the water so nothing will get by it and to your tank but the co2.
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