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I haven't done too much with the holidays and my work schedule. The wife and I were traveling to see our families for a week or so. I have the next 3 days off so plan on finishing off the plumbing.
  • Aquasoil has a 1/7/13 delivery date
  • My second light is still on back order but the initial date they gave me was the week of the 7th.
  • I believe I have everything else except for the plants and fish. Plants I'll order once I have all the equipment setup and running. Fish will be a few months down the road.
So I probably won't post much until the weekend of the 12th I'm guessing. If I have time I'll show some pictures on my plumbing....not very exciting

Oh yeah, I'm probably scraping the DIY background or at least holding off. I started it and don't really like how it's turning out. It's in my garage and I'll probably mess with it over the next few months. I did spray paint the back of the tank a flat black to get better contrast and hide the ugly wall behind it.

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