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CO2 - dude this rocks - as per one juvie!

funny, sad, but true story of addiction and wild times.

so i added CO2, put it right in the flow of my intake (it's a DIY) well within minutes i had a juvie in the stream happily sucking in CO2 bubbles ... hmm... after an hour i took the CO2 out, and he went about his bsns. When i put it in again later that afternoon.. there he was again...
same thing next day
and next...
no matter how many times i chased him away he always went right back the minute the CO2 went into the tank... his spot RIGHT in front of the CO2 stream.

so i nick named the 'little dude' stoner..

last night guess who died? yup, i was sad to see the little guy go... though i told him CO2 huffing was not healthy and chased him away multiple times.
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