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Originally Posted by foxfish View Post
Love all the Rats, they make great pets especially compared to creatures like hamsters & gerbils.

Oh I know.. Ditto, shes the best mannered one I have, she comes when called, uses a litter pan fully. The two new girls are learning form her, but the odd eye (Evee) one is still a bit on the skidish side. Shes gotten a lot better in just a weeks time though, its amazing.

One guy I know had a rat that was so well trained, that when he said 'bed time' the rat ran up the stairs, climbed on to his and his wife's bed, and got into the night time sleeping cage next to their bed. They never had him in the cage if they where home, he used the litter pan as well.

I am hoping to get Ditto trained a little bit more, some extra tricks, jumping threw hoops, and things like that just to keep her stimulated.

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