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That's a whole lot of fish! I wouldn't feel comfortable with that many fish in that size tank. Personally I would do 1 bottom dweller group (Cory's), one of two schools of mid level fish (tetra's or something) and then a centerpiece fish or two.
In my 75g I've got 2 Pinoy Angels, 15 black neons, 15 Serpae tetras, and 4 Oto's. I really enjoy that tank.
In my 46 I'm working on a group of 20 cardinals and neons, 6 Cory's and 2 GBR's along with a bunch of RCS.
Both tanks require little maintenance and the inhabitants are happy. My Angels breed regularly and I'm hoping that my Rams will once I get a female for my male

That tank really tied the room together
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