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NEW! ADA 60P "Tappenkarsee"

Hello and welcome!

This is my first ADA tank and Iwagumi layout so bare with me


1. Tank ADA 60P
2. Filter Fluval 306
3. 13mm Lily Pipes
4. Inline GLA CO2
5. Hydor 200w Heater
6. Finnex Ray2 DD
7. Reef Keeper (Plus) Controller
8. Custom Stand
9. ADA Aquasoil System
10. True Lumen Lunar LED's


1. Hemianthus Callitrichoides
2. Ammania Sp. "Bonsai"
3. Fissidens Fontanus
4. Taxiphyllum Sp. "Flame moss"

5. CPD
6. Oto's
7. Crossocheilus siamensis (True)
8. Amano's
9. Cherry Shrimp
10. Still deciding...

My inspiration


FlSHRFun's ADA 60-F Iwagumi [Pictures & Video]

Here is my basic layout (still in works).

Since the layout is on paper (tank footprint) not in Aquasoil, I cant get the elevation differences/rock placement %100. Any suggestions based on the #1 "inspiration" link would be much appreciated! I plan on using ADA Nile Sand to replace the lake. HC will cover over the rocks and throughout the scape as in link #2. Ammania SP. will be in the front corners and background (cut to different heights). Fissidens Fontanus will be in the rock crevices, and the Flame Moss will be placed behind the rocks as in link #3 to mimic a tree line.

Thank you!

ADA 60P Journal


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