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Lemons did the trick! Not perfect, but it works.

I decided to not remove the rim- if I break the tank, I'll be SOL.

My husband broke a quick connect on the filter (in his defense, I couldn't get it undone and asked him to help), and my heater was also not working when I tested it, so I had to order a few things. I got a Jager 100w heater because it was recommended and Doctor's Foster and Smith had it on a decent sale and free shipping on orders $49+.

I put some more thought into the fauna I want to put in this tank. My list pretty much maxes out the capacity, but I figure I have a couple weeks until I start stocking my tank. My mind could change a hundred times before now and then.

Potential List:
10-15 Cardinal or Green Fire tetras
4-6 Otos
4-6 Habrosus Corys
A pair of German Blue Rams
A handful of Amano shrimp

Ever since getting started into the planted tanks, I would go to my LFS and stare at the GBRs because they are so fascinating. I've decided it's time to try them out

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