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First real "scape" attempt

I have shrimp tanks and tanks with plants in them but I seem to buy whatever plant is on sale and stick it in there and while the fish love playing in them, some don't look very "scaped".

This was just extra aquasoil I had laying around, an 10gal, 2x13W CFL bulbs, already had the driftwood with a nice small moss tied down to it, so I cut the fishing line and pulled off the moss and just left what was attached just to give it that sparse moss feel. The rocks are just ones from my backyard, I have a bunch in different sizes but didn't want to clutter it with rocks or too many, so I choose these ones.

I got a small thing of DHG today on sale and planted that as the only plant I want in the tank? Is this a decent attempt and any suggestions on moving the rocks around? I sort of like how the curve of the driftwood gives a cave appearance under it. I'll probably just move my neons over to it in a month or so when it's cycled and settled.

I know the glass is dirty. lol.

I don't know if I like the rock in the left corner behind the wood or not. I have other plants I could put there, just not sure I want anything other than the hairgrass but if I can take some other tank shots of the plants I have (don't know the name of half of them, it's whatever Big Al's has on sale that week. lol.)

I do know I have
-vals, which I don't want the runners of it everywhere.
-sunset hydro
-java fern
-petite nano anubis.
-some tall bushy stem thing that looks like hornwort but really bushy and grows roots
-one that sort of looks like marijuana with purple tops and that closes up at night.
-big wack of riccia that grew into my hob filter on my shrimp tank and is thriving being in the filter flow but growing emersed.

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