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Bolbitis heteroclita

Went to my LFS the other day to see if they had any decent plants, well suffice to say NO! 99% of the plants had tons of dead leaves/algae on them! So I took a look at petsmart, I've purchased an anubias from them in the past and it did well.

My girlfriends autistic daughter had started to throw stuff in the middle of the store (she's always a fun one lol.) so I grabbed 2 java ferns off the self and chased after her. Turns out one wasn't a java fern, it's a Bolbitis heteroclita. I've heard mixed reviews on these, can anyone give me their experience with these plants? Should I keep it or return it for another java fern or anubias? I like the way it looks but if it's a difficult plant I'd just as soon return it.

On a side note though, the one java fern I bought had a yellow leaf with a plantlet hanging on it. Yay 2 for 1! lol I'm sure this is fairly common with petsmart ferns but it made me happy lol.

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