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Zolek's 40B

Moved to Nashville, TN a few months ago and now its time to have a fish tank!

Tank: 40 Breeder from the local place (Aquatic Critter)

Lights: Finnex Ray 2 36 inch. Currently not elevated (might need to raise it 1-2 inches at some point to even the light spread out a little)

Filter: Eheim 3e 2078. Its making natural sand dunes on the opposite side of the tank right now..

Ferts: Basic EI. 1/2 Tsp KNO3 + 1/8 Tsp K2SO4 M-W-F, 1/8 Trace T-Th-Sat. 50% Water Change Sun.

CO2: 10 LB tank, regulator, inline reactor.

The tank is currently cycling with a couple of token plants (some jungle vals and a rose sword). I'm planning a low maintenance plant set heavy on anubias species and cryptocorines. Also going to give Belem hairgrass a try as a carpet - I think it would look amazing creeping between these rocks. I'd like to do some sort of moss in the trees, but haven't ordered any yet. The sword is doing great, although it obviously can't stay in that spot. The jungle val however is just melting, I'm hoping its just acclimating. Water here is 4dkh and a perfect 7.0 PH.

Planned stocking is a pair of german rams and a school of some sort of dwarf catfish. I'd like Aspidoras Pauciradiatus, but sourcing them is proving problematic and I may have to settle for Corydoras Habrosus. Haven't decided on any other fish stock so suggestions here are welcome - cardinals and rummynose are things I'm considering, or maybe coral pencilfish. Some sort of oto or a farowella is going to happen too. First set of plants is coming in on Monday so I'm going to try to lock the aquascape down before then - I'm not entirely happy with the tree placement right now, particularly the tree behind the center one.

This is how it looked on 12/28/2012:

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