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In pet stores glass boxes are sold for 2 purposes.
1) to be filled with water
2) NOT to be filled with water.

If you buy an aquarium it is securely made so it can hold the water and not leak. You could use these as terrariums. Look up Riparium, also. This is a half-filled tank, with plenty of 'land' as well as an area of water for fish.

If you buy a glass box sold as a reptile home do not trust it to hold water like an aquarium.
Making your own:
If you have a good source of glass you can probably make your own cheaper than buying them. Use silicone such as GE Silicone I for doors and windows or Dap (not Dap Plus). Another good choice is certain of the RTV types of silicone. Some silicones contain antifungal materials. Do not use these.

Practice cutting glass so you get a very clean, square, straight cut.

There are sites that have minimum glass thickness per size of aquarium. You really need to follow these minimums for aquariums, but can get by with thinner glass for dry habitats.

Small tanks can be made without a rim, but when you are just getting started I would highly recommend a rim for larger tanks.

Research each type of animal you want to keep. Some like climbing a lot and will do better in a taller habitat, with rough walls, perhaps cork, and branches or rocks to climb on. Then they climb out and escape. So make sure you have a very secure lid!
Some (especially fish) utilize horizontal space better, and will be best in longer tanks.
Some land animals need high humidity, so make sure you have a sealed lid to keep in the humid air.
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