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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
I don't see anywhere that your tank cycled. That's a process that takes quite a while, even with a previously used filter.

It's not just for processing ammonia but for developing a nice environment for shrimp.

Are you monitoring parameters?
Originally Posted by jarvitron View Post
"Anyone know why it has orange eyes but isn't blue"

Good luck with your tank.

"Orange eye blue tiger" shrimp are just like Rili shrimp, a selectively intensified coloration that exists in wild populations. Orange eyes, black eyes, blue bodies, clear bodies, blue stripes, black stripes, brown stripes, red stripes, all exist (to greater or lesser intensity) in wild populations. When somebody is selling "OEBT" they're selling a line that (hopefully) has been selectively bred to create _mostly_ Orange Eye blue body tiger shrimp, but even the best lines will throw some wilder variance.

As far as everything else goes, I have the same concerns as above - There's no dates on the pictures but you seem to have thrown the tank together from parts in under a week, I hope you have put thought into the parameters of your water and the maturity of the tank, because in that small of a tank, and with shrimp, it all counts.
Yeah I have been monitoring parameters every day since I put it together. I had a bad case of new tank syndrome when I started a tank many years ago before I understood everything going on. Since then I have been very cautious about it. I haven't updated the parameters I list but as of today, they are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and nitrates on the rise. I used half of my canister filter media from my year and a half old 40 gallon tank and the Tetra Safe Start starter cultures to seed/develop the beneficial bacteria. I also have been doing water changes like crazy. Funny story here is that I tested the tap and it had 0.25 ppm ammonia after I used Prime so I thought I was putting ammonia straight into the tank and thus continued to do many water changes in a row. But it turns out the test cannot distinguish ammonia sequestered by Prime and free harmful ammonia (what I learned from another forum).

Either way it goes I have been treading carefully as I have read that shrimp do not do well (die) in ammonia or nitrite waters so I made sure that the environment was suitable before introducing them. The white clouds I introduced first as a test and so far (knock on wood) none of them have died or shown signs of stress. They are eating well and swimming about very vigorously. It could be because it's in their nature as well I guess, but the shrimps are doing well also. Eating and nibbling here and there. I took a sponge filter I had in another tank which was pretty much covered in biofilm and put it in this one for filtration and food too.
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