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Originally Posted by Knotyoureality View Post
On the otherhand--a LOT of hobbies confuse and confound people who don't really have a hobby that requires real effort.

$40 for 10 shrimp? How about $50 for a tiny tube of paint? Or $200 for a single antique bead?

And you wouldn't (okay,YOU would) believe how perplexed people are that'll I'll spend an hour a day for TWO YEARS to finish a crocheted tablecloth that I then GIVE away.

I have another hobby I'm a part of where folks spend thousands of dollars on plastic horses. I've gotten enough stupid questions about that one so I was totally prepared when I entered the shrimp hobby. LOL! And I guess they aren't really stupid questions it is just folks ignorant of the hobbies themselves.

Though I DO get tired of 'do you eat 'em?' when it comes to the shrimp. Sigh.
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