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Time for another boring text update.

I lost a white cloud about 10 days ago but she had had a swollen/fat stomach for a while. She seemed healthy just huge so I don't know if that's an issue but (knock on wood) no fatalities since. Test readings seem stable since then although nitrates are still a bit high to my mind the local fish people I've asked think its fine so I'm not obsessing.

I picked up 4 juvenile CPD a couple days ago and they seem fine which is good because my rainbows are arriving tonight.
I've got a pair of McCulloch's dwarfs, Skull Creek locality (insert Latin here when i get home) from a semi local breeder so I guess I'll have to post up some photos.

Plant wise things are sort of going, my HM is growing and seems happy, the dwarf sagittaria has bounced back and I've noticed some new growth but my swords and spiral als aren't happy. Pretty sure its a nutrient deficiency but haven't nailed down what... its a good excuse to start using ny dry ferts I suppose.
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