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Oh, I didn't leave the tank there - that was where my friends & I left it after we got it in the house. The 125 was sitting there because I had to break down a 40B & move to make room for the 125. Since I live in a mobile home I didn't want to block any windows - lol.

If you can imagine it from my description, I moved the 125 tank just to the right of those windows you see. I also turned it 45 degrees - so one of the short ends of the tank is now about 7" from the exterior wall those windows are on, and about 2' from the window on the right (next to the window on the left is my front door). That way the tank extends into the room acting as a divider between my living room and my kitchen. I'm going to be redoing my kitchen this spring/summer - I already tore out the wall cabinets because I couldn't reach them and so they were useless to me (I'm 5'4"). I also want to tear out the base cabinets because they as so narrow I can't even get my pots & cookware in them and they are empty! Anyone that's ever lived in a mobile home knows what I mean. In their place I've added a pantry in a different part of the kitchen. Until I do get those cabs torn out, my base cabs are as long as the tank and running parallel to it, only 12" from the side of the tank. I can't wait to tear out those cabs so I can easily access the other long side of the tank!

The local mobile home repair place that does all the work for me that I can't do myself is going to relocate my sink so I can remove the cabinets. Once that is done I'll be able to see the 6' tank from three side clearly - it will be nice! It will definitely make doing dishes more pleasant - haha. Light will filter in from one direction via the living room windows you see in the above pic, and from the other side via the kitchen windows.

As for cutting up the driftwood - too late! It's already in the tank. Frankly, I couldn't bear to cut that piece up, I love it's intricate interwoven shape. It made a good spot for attaching bolbitis and needle leaf java fern. I just added some anubias nana to it too, but I may move that again.

I'll try to update tomorrow so you can see how's its developing!

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