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Controlling Algae

Hello sky...

Some algae is the sign of a healthy tank, so it's not something that you can get rid of entirely. Algae is a single celled plant, so it needs water with high phosphate levels to grow. If you feed your fish a lot of flaked food and feed most days, then your tank water is the perfect place for all kinds of algae.

I have no visible algae in my planted tanks and I'm reasonably sure it's because I don't feed flakes, only frozen foods, some dry pellets and and an algae wafer sometimes. The fish get their nourishment from foods with little or no phosphates and a bit of algae that grows on the plants.

If you're like most fish keepers, you feed too much. I feed a couple of times a week and just a little, so there's no dissolved nutrients in the water for the algae.

Take a close look at the ingredients of the foods you're feeding. Gradually cut back on the amount you feed and be more selective on what you feed. Fish get next to nothing to eat in nature and that's worked fine since forever. We need to feed our fish that way too.

Just a thought or two.


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