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So finally was able to get some shrimp in here. I originally had planned only for orange neos (kinda like lions of the savannah) but then I figured I could use tiger shrimps. Yes, I get that tigers and lions are never in the same place geologically but it looks pretty cool. Orange "lion" shrimp, striped tiger shrimp, and white clouds in the "sky".

Anyhow here are a bunch of pics I took of them shrimps today and 2 of fish

One of the orange neos perched on my lava rock. Kinda see through but hopefully he/she will color up soon

Hanging out under the frogbit

Tiger shrimp on the temporary HOB hanging out. Anyone know why it has orange eyes but is not blue?

Neo on my moss tree

Tiger on my moss ball under the java moss I threw in temporarily

Neos hanging out on the opposite rocks

Tiger on the rocks. Almost looks like its yellow at the ends.
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