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New scape used from stuff laying around?

So I've never tried to scape a tank, it's either plants everywhere for a jungle or shrimp tanks which I keep fairly sparse.

This is first attempt at actually trying to make a tank with a scape. The diftwood piece has small moss growing on it to give it a mossed over look, rocks were from my backyard, java fern in the back and petite anubis nana in the front

Should I leave it as is? The only thing I was thinking of adding was some sort of small grass or something around the rocks just to give that side of the tank a bit of green but I don't want a really planted tank, I have those, just looking for some suggests and staying away from stem plants, which I have a zillion of different types in my other tanks.

Anyways, any critique?

Not sure on live stock, could b shrimp, neons, white cloud minnors, whatever that is small and will add some color. As for some stem plants, I don't have any names but can take some pics if they would help to see what I have to work with. I also don't do CO2 or Excel, dollar store root tabs and minimal micoferts so I don't want anything depending and my local fish store doesn't always have a lot. I'm not sure if dwarf hair grass needs co2 and all the fancty stuff. but I would plant it in a submerged container around the rocks so it doesn't spread it's runners too easy. Lighting is 2 x 13w CFLS in a DIY hood mod over a 10gal. I have a wack load of riccia but the seems a pain to carpet with it. Not into massive trimming or scooping out floaters all the time as they rise.

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