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Originally Posted by Drewsplantednutz View Post
Nice I just grabbed a 40g yesterday. You cant go wrong with that price. I almost want to get two. Ill be keeping up with your build as I am taking my time and building a nice stand for mine. My first carpentry project.
Thanks for showing interest! When you make a journal/build thread, let me know! I'll follow along too. Could be a little while before I start the stand... I want that to be my last thing I do before filling, mostly because I want as many of the components that will be going IN the stand as possible, so I can customize the stand appropriately to suit my needs.

I'm thinking of a simple 1x4 frame, screws and glue, get it together, then add a 1/4" or 1/2" hardwood plywood skin over it, I want to have 2 doors in front, and a side access door on each side, to allow entry from any angle. But doing this poses certain challenges: where to attach all my electrical equipment, RKE, Power Bars, Modules, etc... that will allow for easy access to everything, and keeping it sturdy of course!

Once I get a design in place, I'll post the plans on here. I am fortunate, my dad is a CAD/CADD designer, designing municipal waterways, water storage tanks, etc... and so he can help me design the stand in Auto Cad when I'm ready!
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