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Those gouramis will eat the babies, and proooobably eat the adults, unless you have a good area of heavy growth moss that they can hide in that the gourami's can't free swim through.

I've identified a few behaviors that seem to indicate whether or not a fish is a good partner for shrimp - Do they hover in place and scan plants/substrate/glass and then peck at it to eat things? They'll eat your shrimp. The babies are so ridiculously small that even my Heterandria formosa (which never top an inch) eat them. My white clouds don't (and mine are huge for wcmms, 1.5-1.75"). The difference between them is that he white clouds never graze the surfaces looking for small insects/crustaceans, they are much more motivated by floating/free swimming prey. Gouramis (and my HF) are almost universally insecti/crustaceovors who scan every surface for movement.
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