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Rozbod's Rimless 17 gal


Well first off i'm new to planted aquariums, in the beginning aquariums just seemed to be kind of cheesy but after digging a little deeper I realized that they can truly be works of art. Since then I have been doing countless hours of research honing my aquascaping ability's while expanding my knowledge of both fish and aquatic plants. If you look through the thread below you will definitely see my advancements in aquascaping. Of course there are always improvements that can be made. Hopefully through constructive criticism from the community I can continue to grow, so don't be afraid to drop a comment below if you feel like you could help me out in anyway or just like what you're seeing. Thanks in advance for taking a look.

Equipment list:

Do!aqua 17 gallon tank
Fishneedit 4x24 T5HO light (I was surprised at how nice the light is)
ADA style light bar thanks to Tom Barr
Two bags of aquasoil amazonia
DIY stand
Aquatek premium CO2 regulator
Atomic CO2 Diffuser by GLA
5Lb CO2 cylinder
Driftwood from Tom Barr
Ehiem 2215 and a set of lily pipes

Invertebrates Stocking list (subject to change):

Amano shrimp
Cherry red shrimp

Flora (subject to change)

Hair grass or dwarf baby tears its a throw up between the two for the foreground but if you guys have an opinion let me know.
Microsorum pteropus - Java fern
Taxiphyllum barbieri - Java moss
Taxiphyllum montagnei - Christmas moss

This is what I think I want for sure but i'm looking for community suggestions!

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