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the tank is a 29 gal standard glass aquarium.

I am a teacher and work in the summer as a professional fishing guide. The department of Fish and Game has hatchery programs to support natural fisheries in order to augment the fishing pressure witnessed durning tourist season. I raise the salmon into fry and then into smolt before releasing them into local lakes and streams. They boost the native biomass and help support everything from mink to eagles to fishermen. In turn, they give me an exceptional teaching tool for kids to learn about local ecosystems, life cycles, habitat preservation, and conservation.

I will post some pics of the aelvin (newly hatched salmon with attached yolk sacs) when I get them in the tank next week. They are very sensitive to any contaminants and I lost an entire batch this fall. although it was a great learning lesson for teacher and student alike, it was quite a set back nonetheless.

There is no shortage of wild caught salmon for me and my family to eat, so no need to raise these guys for food purposes
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