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Captivate's 29g "Fresh Start"


My tanks never recovered from the move over a year ago, and now the 29g is a MASSIVE eyesore in our new livingroom.

I refuse to put it away and forget about it. While I had a falling out with planted tanks (largely due to lack of funds), I wanted to get back into someday.

Today is that day!

Here's what I have right now:

Tank: 29g tall
Lights: 2x Coralife T5-NO (6700K) (not sure it's enough, but I can add more if need be)
Fliter: Eheim 2213
CO2: Pressurized w/reactor
~I also have a Koralia Nano powerhead

As far as substrate, I have Flourite. I'll probably use it in the back on the tank, but I'm thinking of putting some sort of sand or fine gravel "lawn" in the front. Not sure yet...

As far as flora, I'm thinking of sticking to fairly easy. Here's the initial list:

Blyxa j
Rotala rotundifolia
Java Fern
Christmas moss
Maybe crypt parva/ marsilia/ pygmy chain sword

Fauna? Not sure yet. I think I'll stick with basic here too. Some sort of common tetra (Cardinal or Rummy Nose), otos (of course), and *maybe* corys. Probably some amano shrimp. I loved my RCS but they really limited my fish selection.

My tank needs some work before I can put anything into it. There's petrified duckweed and hard water scale covering almost ALL the glass. I've also decided to remove the stupid top rim. Because I can. The bottom rim I don't care about, but the top rim bothers me. I'll test it and see how badly it bows, but I really feel it isn't doing much to support the tank structurally. I also need to put some sort of background on it.

I'll post pictures after I work on it a bit.

The link to the tank before it was torn down: Captivate's 29 gallon (56k) *5/28 Replanted

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