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If your light is borderline, and you see it appearing in only areas of high flow, it can sometimes be avoided by redirecting flow. My 46G is most similar to your tank. I had to remove a particularly strong powerhead, because there was literally nowhere I could point it that wouldn't induce a staghorn outbreak, at least at my preferred lighting intensity.

As with most algae, it's typically susceptible to the usual H2O2 and Excel treatments, which are well detailed elsewhere. However, my staghorn seems a lot more resistant than others have reported, and these treatments had no substantial effect for me. I eventually found that H2O2 will weaken it enough that an Excel overdose or spot treatment will kill it easily.

The mantra of "fix the underlying problem, else the algae will return" holds 100% true in this case. But this combo treatment has been of great value to me in "resetting" my tank without losing too much plant mass due to trimming, while determining exactly how this algae behaves; which took many months, failed experiments, and outbreaks.
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