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The tank can be described in one word: pea

Luckily I know why it happened: ammonia spike because of adding fish. It just needs a good'ole water change .

All the plants are growing fine. The rotalas and the hemianthus needed to be replanted because I didn't do a good job of planting them in the first place (hey, I'm a n00b ). The older leaves of the crypts are still melting, but the young leaves are doing great. Glosso is being stupid and taking over everything .

Gonna stock about 6 otos today and some amano shrimps if I can find them.

The algae conditions:
Light green water (not much of a deal to me, just water change).
GDA, some present.
Brown stuff on ornaments and some leaves (I'll see what happens).
Had Spirogyra , but it went away for no apparent reason .
Had some hair algae but after manual removal it never came back .
No 'tough' algae (BBA) since my CO2 is pretty good.

The conclusion: You might call me crazy but I am actually very delighted to see the diversity of algae species and their habits!!! My motto: To understand algae, you must experience it!!! So far my plan for taking care of the things above is nothing (well, except for otos). I am just going to let everything settle down and stabilize because the tank just went through a major replanting, change of light intensity (I raised the light fixture), and being stocked with fish. I am just going to wait everything out.

Going to do a HUGE water change on Saturday and clean everything, this would reset nutrient imbalance and other stuff due to my negligence .

To those who are curious about my fish, they are just transfers from by 10 gallon which kept my fish temporarily from my last fish-only projects. Yeah, not very exciting. But since they were with me for soooo long, letting them live in a tank with plants is my Christmas gift to them . But I do have a trained tiger barb which is at least 5 years old (yeah, its family now). All its buddies died though, so now he/she is the most gentle tiger barb in the world (never attacks other fish, even plays with them at times).

Pics coming soon!!!!! It's going to be a bit blurry due to the green water

P.S. I have a side project, TRYING TO GET MY ANUBIAS TO SEED!!!!!! Pictures of that too is coming .

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