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Today I picked up some fauna for my tank from my LFS here in So. Cal. I had been debating on Chili Rasboras (25) or Ember Tetras (21) but when I got to CK Fishworld, I saw Peter had a tank full of Neon Green Tetras, after watching them shoal/school back and forth in the tank there, and then watching the Chili's and Ember's, I decided on the Neon Green's. They really pop, and add that "wow factor" to my tank. They are swimming tightly together back and forth and I'm very happy with them. I bought 21 of them.

Peter was great and was very informative. While these NGT's are larger than the Chili Rasboras, I decided that after owning Chili's in the past, and remembering that they are a bit on the timid side of things, that I'd give the NGT's a shot. The only other fish in my tank is an Otto.
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