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Purewaterclub RO/DI systems question

Well, the prices look great!

But I'm curious as to the difference between:
50gpd system ($60):
100gpd system ($65):

I'm probably missing something in the specs, but everything seems to be the same. Can anybody help?

Question two - any idea of shipping cost? I can't seem to get a definite shipping cost without putting in my cc info ...which I don't like doing.

And question three - are replacement filters easy to come by? They claim that their filters are standard size, just doublechecking.

I'm looking into these because I'd like to set up a couple shrimp tanks - one tiny 2.5g in my preschool classroom, and another low-tech 10g at home. My tap water is apparently not invert-friendly, so I figured I'd get an RO/DI unit and remineralizer. For these purposes, is there a reason to get the 50gpd versus the 100gpd model?
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