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xiaxia's honey snowball tiger tank :)

i thought i would just start a thread where i could post pictures of my nano

I actually don't know what tank i have. it's a cube 7.5 gal ADA tank.
amazonia aquasoil
innovative marine 8 watt 14000K SKKYE light clamp LED light (leftover from saltwater)
sponge filter
ehiem heater

2 honey gouramis
1 oto
snowball shrimp
tangerine tigers

bronze crypt
crypt wendtii green
flame moss
peacock moss
red cabomba

it's not a great looking tank since it's still in the early stages but i enjoy it a lot. picture tiime ~

oh btw is this a normal color for myrio? it's like hot pink !

sorry shaky picture :/


community pic

thanks for any input ! :3

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