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my CO2 is pumping well. I use a diffuser & I check it all the time, plus I measure Kh with ph to check levels. I average 20-25 mg/l. The plants are growing well & the ph gets pushed down to 6.7 6.8 by late evening. Not the cause because I had good plant growth & lower nitrates under the same conditions. The purigen sounds worth a try but is not really fixing the root cause. Although in shrimp tanks with slow growing plants I would give that a try.
I feel the problem is with the substrate. The tank had a rough early stage with not sufficient filtration. I added a second canister to lower doc's. I feel the nitrates have built up in the substrate & I need to concentrate on that more. The other idea I have is with snails. The population exploded on me. I have culled many, but need to take the whole population out to see what happens. I have been reading about snails & the relationship between internal flukes with fish. Has anybody else read the same? Anyway I was wondering if all those snails could be contributing to high nitrates?? Thanks
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