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Bluyota: your link isnt working.

Aquatics Unlimited is hit and miss. This is my "main store" as I live so close, and they have a good selection. The staff is odd. Theres a guy who youde swears a hippy, but is very knowledable about lightand planted tanks. Hes worked there for ages. Also, who I assume is the owner, a sweaty guy (hes always sweaty...?) Knows a good bit about just about everything. He has steered me clear of a few of his products, and seems generally "into" his work. Brutally honest and kinda not freindly. Theyre prices are a tad high. Overall, if YOU know enough, its a great place.

GARYS PET JUNGLE on Howel (near oklahoma/howel)

Owner gary practically lives there. Great friendly guy. Hes very knowledgable about general fish tanks, and practically all small pets. When it comes to plants or stuff like that I feel its out of his realm. He has a small fish selection (30 or so tanks) with generally smaller fish. Dabbles in cichlids but for most part, he goes all community fish. EXCELLENT prices. Cheap cheap flake food, 10 for a dollar ghost shrimp. Great place.

Garys pet jungle is an all around pet shop, mice, snakes spiders, gerbils etc.
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